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Goods for roads improvement

Our company - OOO «PKF»RTD» in recent years is engaged in manufacturing of polymeric items for the organization and regulation of traffic.

Speed bumps Roads separators Road sign

Rubber compounds

Rubber mix devulcanization used to create rubber products and billets (raw rubber). The manufacture of rubber is an important component of our company. Rubber mixture: the MBS, for production, food rubber, special purpose and other The total assortment of over 300 titles, including the formulation of the customer.

Molds engineering and manufacturing

One of the directions of production activity of the company is manufacturing of technological equipment RTI (designing molds for rubber products and their manufacture). The concept of technological equipment are included only on press forms, but all are necessary for the full cycle of manufacturing products (pullers, razboyniki, Assembly devices blanks, cutting and so on)



Manufacturing steps


Why tires - is it important?

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without rubber , but if you think it's not hard, let's try. Imagine that in a moment disappeared all rubber products. And then what happens you say?

Probably just remain in the past rubber boots and rubber batons. In fact, everything is much more complicated: different groups RTI provides many products that do not stand them, the world literally stood would come to a complete chaos, recalling the picture of disaster movie.
Can long list list of all RTI without which it is impossible to imagine the modern world, but one thing is certain - there are rubber parts in almost any technology and any equipment. To give you an idea about the importance of tire we have shown in the form of a diagram washing machine, which are highlighted in yellow rubber elements.



from 01.06.2019 our company will be forced to increase the price of manufactured products by 3% due to the increase in prices for raw materials. more
from 01/01/2019 Our enterprise will be forced to increase the price of manufactured products by 3% due to the increase in prices for energy resources, raw materials and an increase in the VAT rate. more
Our company has commissioned a metalworking machine. more
We started to produce airplane shoe rubber instead of TEP. Which reduces the cost and improves performance. more

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