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Our philosophy

Without RTG washing machine will simply become workless, you say it can be washed by hands, but this is a step backwards on the road of technological progress. And here is the revealed importance of rubber products - rubber essentially one of the fundamental drivers of progress.

It should be noted that all important inventions contain rubber products of various kinds. For example, internal combustion engines will not work without rubber gaskets, rings and belts, without rubber the conveyor will disappear , even beloved bicycle, once invented will become worthless without rubber parts. Cars, in which the content of rubber parts reaches 35% will turn into a motionless heap of metal. All the factories will stop, ships will not be able to swim, aircraft - to fly, etc.

Now have you realized how important this «black» substance with its specific smell sin our lives? Why is rubber so necessary? The answer lies in its properties. Rubber is a unique material with its elasticity and resistance to mechanical stress. Almost all rubber products’ assignment can be linked by one property, the property of considerable strain.

We will not go into technical details, in physics and chemistry, but now we can look at a clear picture, there is an answer to the main question, why is rubber so important? It is all because of its unique properties, it is an indispensable mediator between any materials. And whatever you invent, can’t be managed without rubber.

To find out how many rubber products
in a standard washing machine