Sleeping policeman IDN 900
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Sleeping policeman IDN 900

Sleeping policeman IDN 900 is designed for guaranteed speed limits for vehicles in places of high accident risk. The product is widely spread on the roads near hospitals, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, gas stations, Parking lots, on the road side roads, unregulated intersections, as well as administrative and departmental territories protected by the check-in or check-point.


Consists of six or more segments.
The Central segment represents a monolithic rubber unit of different classes, depending on the operating conditions. Overall dimensions HH (2 segment Assembly) mm In holes located on the surface, pasted reflective yellow tape.
Lateral segment represents a monolithic rubber unit of the semicircular form.
On the outer surface of the hump ledges of the oval form with variable height contour segment to prevent slipping wheels of motor transport.
Range of operation lies in the temperature of surrounding air from minus 40 C to plus 70 degrees C.
Perhaps the use of metal fittings for improvement of operational properties.

Sleeping policeman IDN 900 thanks wider surface significantly reduces the discomfort of his deserting them, and more adapted for heavy vehicles and passenger transport.

The principle of operation and installation: the Segments are on the ground, asphalt and a rigidly fastened among themselves by means of fastening «swallow tail». The simplicity and portability of the Assembly and installation allows you to use them temporarily and permanently that differs from analogues. The segments have holes for attachment to the roadway using anchor bolts.


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