Sleeping policeman IDN 1100
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Sleeping policeman IDN 1100

Purpose: sleeping policeman IDN 1100 intended for guaranteed speed limits for vehicles in places of high accident risk. The product is widely spread on the roads near hospitals, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, gas stations, Parking lots, on the road side roads, unregulated intersections, as well as administrative and departmental territories protected by the check-in or check-point.

GOST R 52605-2006 have the dimensions of the elements of bumps, depending on the desired limit the maximum speed of movement of motor transport (see table 3 standard).
In accordance with GOST at the maximum permitted speed that is stated on the sign, 30 km/h length of basic chords and boundary elements irregularities should be from 500 mm to 700 mm inclusive.
When the maximum permitted speed that is stated on the sign, 40 km/hour length chords of relevant elements of irregularities collapsible constructions should be from 900 mm to 1100mm inclusive.
Obviously, regulated by the standard ratio of the maximum speed of the vehicle and the size of elements bumps creates a more sparing mode of passing car irregularities and reduces negative impact on its components and assemblies.
Considering the above factors, our organization has expanded the size range of us bumps. In the development of this subject in addition to the current IDN 500x500 and IDN 900x500 we will launch the production of IDN h and IDN h (in development) Thus our company in its activity covers the whole range of sizes bumps regulated by GOST R 52605 - 2006.

The principle of operation and installation: the Segments are on the ground, asphalt and a rigidly fastened among themselves by means of fastening «swallow tail». The simplicity and portability of the Assembly and installation allows you to use them temporarily and permanently that differs from analogues. The segments have holes for attachment to the roadway using anchor bolts.


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