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- Coupling belts

Conditions docking conveyor belts by means of hot vulcanization out to be agreed separately.

- If the specialist go outside St. Petersburg, travel and transport costs and waiting time of preparation of the conveyor for docking are included in the bill.

Factors increasing the value of the work:

- If the length of the conveyor belt more than 20 m cost of work is agreed separately.

- When docking herringbone tape price is increased by 10% as pattern of the joint changes and the junction area increases.

The cost of the repairs, the lining of the drums, the manufacture of conveyor belts with gorobors and ribs, custom products, is agreed during the order.

- The shaft lining

Application of rubber on the surface of a metal rod to produce rubber - coated rolls-is a highly specialized field with a unique methods, technologies and standards that uses a balanced combination of hardness of a metal rod with the elasticity of the rubber.

Universality rubber shafts provides a use for them in almost all sectors of industry, with their help solve a wide range of tasks and is used in almost all types of machines, from small rolls up to the manufacture of converters.

Functions rubber shafts are diverse and require rubber different properties. This, in turn, means that rubber-coated rollers need to produce a particular product and conditions, which makes it difficult to standardize. One of the most powerful applications of rubber-covered rolls is the removal of liquids by using, for example, in paper production and processing of metals, textiles, plastics and leather. In such typical devices like squeezing roller, pressure roller (paper production), padded roll (textile production) and the roller for image transfer (printed) is used elasticity (elasticity) of the rubber. Rubber-coated rollers are often used for transportation, for example, feed and guide rollers of various types, used in the production of paper, fabric, film. Our company professionally and had long been lining of the shafts. We ourselves will do the required rubber and produce the lining with all requirements. Our managers will help you and will answer all your questions.

- Repair sleeves WFD (24 hours)

Today in the big cities and the increase of paces of construction of more and more the question of the effective use of technology, particularly if it is a costly imported equipment and every organization is interested in its uninterrupted work. Losses from idle time of construction equipment is very significant, but in most cases they can be avoided or repeatedly to reduce.

Our company offers You to reduce or avoid financial losses related to equipment downtime because of a burst of high pressure hoses. Our mobile workshop will come to you on a construction site in the shortest time and will execute all complex of works on repair, manufacture and mounting sleeve DAVLENIYa workshop is equipped with professional equipment FINN-POWER for manufacturing RVD m complete range of accessories that allow to produce high-pressure hoses of any length with any terminal connecting fittings.

We invite to cooperation all the interested companies and offer to sign long-term contract for service of the equipment on repair of the WFD.